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Integrative Psychotherapist
Psychosexual & Relationship Coach
Sex and Intimacy Expert
Tantra Practitioner
CBT Advanced Practitioner
Sex Educator 

Hello! And a warm welcome to my website, here you will find more information about me, how I work, what I can offer you and much more...

Let's delve deeper into exploring your needs, desires and aspirations for a healthy, stimulating, experiential and loving relationship, not only with your partner but with yourself!

About Me

I am Lottie, an intimacy therapist who works with couples to understand themselves, resolve issues and rediscover the connection and joy that brought them together in the first place. 


A pioneer in my field, I compassionately support you to pull away the layers, turn things around and set the intention and the foundations for a respectful, loving and intuitively led relationship as you take your journey forward.

How I Work

My techniques are centred around giving you the opportunity to review, repair or relinquish a relationship allowing for personal growth and awareness. Within Psychosexual Therapy there is the opportunity to discuss sex openly and explore your own sexuality, preferences and unique understanding of what sex means to you. This will be a liberating and illuminating experience which will empower you to improve intimacy with not only with the relationship but with yourself. 


What I specialise in...


Any relational issues, including; stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem.

Sex & Intimacy

Covering issues such as infidelity, addictions, sexual abuse and trauma. 


For both men and women, looking at both the physical and psychological causes.

Age & Stage

Throughout life your needs and wants change. Topics in this area include; desire, libido, intimacy, menopause and andropause (male menopause).


I have a condition called Vaginismus which made having sex so painful. I had been to my doctors but they were not helpful. I meet Lottie in 2020 and this has changed my life. With the understanding of my own genitals, given the dilators, full instructions and my boyfriend educated we are now having sex regularly. Lottie's approach with talking therapy and a few hypnotherapy sessions with Sally I feel free to explore my body and share without fear of pain and rejections. Before I was diagnosed I thought I was the only person who experienced this and was afraid to talk to anyone about it. With Lottie I was able to explore my past experiences and this enabled me to move forward.

   - NB


My Counselling Room

Private Entrance with Free Parking, WiFi, Beverages with Adjoining Toilet and Washroom.

Contact Me

Face to face appointments available, located in Otterbourne, Hampshire. 

Tel: 07788 492 202


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