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Couples Intimacy Retreat

Increase the Connection, Love, Intimacy and Sex in Your Relationship all whilst in the beautiful scenery of Majorca.

This Couples Intimacy Retreat is for Couples who want MORE

  • more communication

  • more intimacy

  • more connection

  • more love

  • and more sex!

Hello, I am Lottie - Internationally Renowned Sex & Intimacy Expert.


I transform the lives of my clients who come to me in crisis and severe distress into connected, calm, intimate partners with a new found perspective on their relationship. 


This retreat will be hosted by myself and esteemed colleague Jennifer Surch - an Award Winning Tantra Practitioner. With our expert knowledge, support and guidance this retreat is going to be utterly transformational for your relationship. 


If you and your partner have had breakdowns in communication, a lack of respect, trust issues and you feel it just isn’t working, or you feel things could be so much better, but you are lacking the inspiration, knowledge or time to invest in your relationship…


Then, just pause for a moment, because it doesn’t have to be this way, there is hope!

If you and your partner would like to up level your relationship then this is the retreat for you…

What's on Offer?

  • Group workshops to increase connection and intimacy between you

  • 1:1 sessions for you as a couple and individually

  • Tailored support to meet you where you are in your relationship

  • Delicious meals prepared by our in house chef

  • Glorious use of the facilities including the outdoor salt water pool

  • Time to reflect and explore the beautiful surroundings

Inside this 6-Day Exclusive Couples Retreat, you'll Experience...

  • Breakthroughs and life changing shifts in perspective 

  • New skills to manage conflict, healthy boundaries and increased intimacy 

  • Extended periods of time with the experts in this field

  • Meeting like-minded people, that could become friends for life

  • An incredible atmosphere of honesty, respect and positive communication and…

  • Amazing food and drink!

Image by Nadine Rupprecht

It's time to move forward with your relationship. It's time to start living the life you have always wanted together. 

Ready to take the next step?

So what’s the investment to access this life changing, forever memorable couples retreat?


An incredible one off investment of just £3,600 for you both. That includes the accommodation, all meals, the breakthroughs, the new skills and full access to a Sex & Intimacy Expert and Tantra Practitioner for 6 Days.

We can then look to spread the cost* of the payment across 3 or 5 months (up until April 2023). *Please note an additional fee will be applicable for the payment plans. 

The Retreat will be from 04 Jun 2023 – 10 Jun 2023, at Tramuntana Flow, 07141 Sa Cabaneta, Illes Balears, Spain.

Please fill in this form first.


Once you have filled in the form above, you can schedule a complimentary chat with Lottie to answer any questions you have. 

Looking forward to speaking with you both soon...

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