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The Playbook The Starter Pack for Working with Couples Lottie Passell-Syms White Dragonfly

The Playbook

The Comprehensive Guide for Working with Couples (For experienced and inexperienced Couples Therapists)

An 8-day Certificate Course offering all the Tools, Techniques and Talking Therapies to become better equipped in working therapeutically with couples.

Who is The Playbook for?

The Playbook has been constructed and designed by Lottie Passell-Syms for qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists who have an interest in becoming more skilled in working therapeutically with couples.


  • This is a comprehensive pack for working with couples.

  • The modules cover assessments and contracting, tools, techniques and talking therapies used by Lottie, conflict & affairs and sex & intimacy. 

  • Feedback from Playbook students has indicated that the rich and diverse content applies to those with little or no experience with couples to those with vast experience. 

What do I get?

This course gives you all of the tools, techniques and talking therapies to equip you with more structure in working with couples with confidence.


Alongside the training programme you will receive a number of documents related to enquiries, assessment and contracting as well as homework sheets to give couples, to help set up your practice for couple work.


Experiential learning with a step by step guide including assessment criteria, live tutor role play, techniques and home play for clients. Skills practice as well as a robust contractual and business plan.

The Playbook The Starter Pack for Working with Couples Lottie Passell-Syms
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About Lottie...

Lottie has worked with couples for many years and thinks outside the box. She is an enabling therapist allowing for her clients to feel heard.


She facilitates permanent change, mapping cognitive learning throughout the therapy sessions.

Through the Playbook Lottie will give you a strategic plan on how to work with couples, a guide on how to think on your feet and loads of practical recommendations all in a inclusive and directive coaching style.


Allowing you to feel and be more confident to hold that place for your clients.

The course will include:

  • Teaching material on all the assessments available to use and modify to your practice.

  • Description & outline of homework for clients outside of the therapy room

  • Introduction to intimacy, psychosexual and variations of sexual practice

  • Discussions in the full group of the material being presented, including opportunities to ask questions and check understanding

  • Considerations and process for intake, history-taking and assessment, and therapeutic process with couples and other relationships

  • Experiential exercises to embed understanding of the material presented

  • Work in small groups (dyads, triads) as skills practice using the taught material.

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Sarah Foley, Psychotherapist

I find Lottie’s approach fits my way or working perfectly and I am grateful for finding her.

Suzanne Mellors, Therapist

Lots of grounding, helpful information regarding starting work with couples, contracts and assessments etc. Engaging and informative discussion, practice as the therapist, as well as lots of learning from the roles plays and feedback.

Tracy Busbridge, Therapist

I gained a lot from module one, consolidation of things I knew and new learning of things I didn't. All the assessment information was very helpful and also hearing Lottie's experiences of her work helps to clarify how the tools we are learning can be used. I enjoyed the role plays and getting to know the group.

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