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Couples Group Supervision

For Therapists working with Couples

This is a collaborative, inclusive safe space to bring client work bringing new perspectives and approaches to the table. It is also a chance to connect with fellow colleagues!

"I have had the privilege to have known Lottie for the last 5 years in a myriad of capacities. She has been a mentor, trainer, supervisor and inspiration.

Her wealth of knowledge has enabled me to grow and develop into an experienced practitioner. She has inspired me to push myself where I otherwise would not have gone and supported me through the process. 

Lottie brings depth and humour into a supervision session yet enables her supervisees to reach their own understanding without fear of judgement.

As a colleague, I have seen her empower her clients, who previously felt they had nowhere to go and no strength to go there. To have Lottie walk by your side will only enhance your life."

Lizzie Guild



Thu 7th March, 2024 

Thu 4th April, 2024

Thu 2nd May, 2024

Thu 6th June, 2024

Thu 4th July, 2024

Thu 1st August, 2024


The time for each day is

9:30am - 11:30am


This is a 6-month commitment, priced at


Payment Terms:

This can be paid in full or

Two instalments of £190,

prior to the first sessions starting

(Thu 7th March, 2024)

How to Apply

So many questions arise when you first start working with couples - it can be daunting and unnerving, even after thousands of hours of training! But it can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. 

If interested, please apply below and I will be in touch. 

Please note:

We limit the numbers to a handful of people to ensure there is enough time for everyone to have input. 

"I like the support of the group and the learning aspect. I enjoy building on my theoretical knowledge but also learning from the experiences of the group."

Judy Renihan

"I am so happy to have been part of this group. I found the support wonderful, both from Sarah and Lottie as well as the other participants. The level of knowledge and expertise was brilliant. There was the right degree of challenge and care, I felt supported and encouraged in my work with couples."

Hannah Fellowes

"Working with Lottie is a joy, she is dynamic, engaging and fun.  I find Lottie incredibly knowledgeable and insightful, she is straight talking and I always learn so much from being around her.  

I cannot recommend her more highly."

Lara Chitty

"It has broadened my knowledge and given me confidence. Learnt from everyone and enjoy how it was facilitated. The group had a good dynamic and was very honest and open. All emotions were welcome."

Sam Walton

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