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  • Will therapy work for me/ us?
    It will, if you are ready for change. Therapy is an opportunity to look into your relationship and at yourself increasing your awareness, to enable you to work through difficult times and seek resolutions.
  • Will we stay together?
    The honest answer to this is I don’t know and I couldn’t answer this for you. However, when you come to work with me, you will develop the awareness to work out if this is the right relationship for you. If you choose to continue or separate, you will understand what happened so you don’t continue the same pattern here or in your next relationship.
  • How do you work?
    I call myself a progressive therapist, by this I mean I am challenging and directive. Each week we work together we will see a subtle change within the relationship. A part of this change requires you to commit to homework, which is an essential tool to enable you to bring your relationship in line with your values. Regular reviews, or as I call it ‘relationship MOT’s’ assist to consolidate work completed, to refine and move on with the progression of the relationship.
  • What will I/ we get?
    A safe space to talk and to listen to each other. An opportunity for conflict resolution accompanied by psycho-educational material. A therapist that understands the relationship process and is driven to help dilute the crisis. My motto for my working with me is this is the ‘place of truth’.
  • How much do you charge?
    I charge £95 per hour and £130 per hour and a half.
  • Can I/ we see you face to face?
    I offer face to face sessions in a COVID secure premises as per government guidelines. The space allows for social distancing. However, for your visit you will be required to wear a face mask. I also offer a PPE visor which can be used in addition to your mask if you wish, as well as your own tissues and water. There are also toilet facilities.
  • Where are you located?
    For face to face sessions you can visit me in my clinic located in Otterbourne, Hampshire. Otherwise, I am available on Zoom. Meeting via Zoom can be just as effective as meeting face to face, as long as you are able to find a suitable space and the time without interruption for the session.
  • How long will I/ we be in therapy?
    This depends on your commitment, dedication to homework, goal achievements and regular attendance. I am a facilitator of change so I encourage the conscious coupling process to continue from home. Therefore, what I find works best is weekly session for the first 6 weeks, followed by fortnightly sessions and then monthly. In the first six weeks we will establish a bespoke program and script which is directed at working towards better communication, arguing well and being in a conscious relationship with intentionality. After the first 6 weeks, to allow time for homework to be completed the sessions are spaced fortnightly and then monthly. This is a guide and may change depending on different factors.
  • Is there hope?
    Yes, absolutely. I come from a place of love and hope, let’s give you the opportunity to take the time to work out what has gone wrong to highlight where things can be improved. With my directive way of working we will be able to bring a depth to your relationship which will bring about the change you seek.
  • Can we come to you if we want to break up?
    Yes, I facilitate conscious uncoupling to allow for the separation without fracturing the whole family. If we can lessen the impact on the children, grandchildren and grandparents then this has got to be a good thing. Working this out for you both is essential for personal growth and an opportunity to not repeat behaviours that do not serve you in the long run.
  • Can I/ we talk to you about my/ our sex life?
    When we talk about relationships, we intrinsicly include all aspects which includes your sex life. I offer an open space for us to discuss intimacy and sex on many levels. This includes but is not limited to; dysfunctions, addictions and intimacy issues. I personally find talking about sex really easy and I want to be able to give you the confidence to do the same.
  • You are a Psychosexual Therapist, what does this mean exactly?
    As a psychosexual therapist I am able to acknowledge, not only the mental and emotional challenges you may be facing but also the physical, which may require further medical intervention. I am able to refer you onto your GP to ask for the required blood tests to eliminate any physiological problems.
  • As a couple, can we be seen separately by you?
    As part of your contract you can be seen separately. When you are seen separately this will be a confidential space. I will always ask you for something useful from our separate sessions that can be taken into your couples session.
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