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What to expect 

from your Therapy with me...

Therapy is all about change. Changing those things that we can, and having acceptance of those things that simply cannot be changed.


Once you have an awareness and understanding of why things are happening in your life you have the opportunity to take ACTION. 

For whatever reason you decided to have therapy with me, positive change will occur when you commit to changing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Preparing for your Therapy Session

Make a list of issues you want to discuss. It would be good to have an outline of your goals for therapy, what you think are your difficulties and how they affect you. 


Bring a notepad to sessions to jot down ideas, exercises or resources suggested by myself. There's a lot going on in session, this will help to remember some of the important points discussed. 


I may give you homework to do in the form of exercises or books to read, so it is important to do these because it's a way of augmenting the hard work done in session.

Self-care is an important aspect of therapy. I may from time to time suggest exercise, deep-breathing, relaxation and visualisation exercises that are designed to help your mood and energy levels. 

It is helpful to tell your GP that you are having sessions with me, especially if you are taking any psychotropic medications (or any other medicines). Sexual difficulties can sometimes be caused by some medications. 

I have a warm and friendly style but I can be challenging, so it is important for your feelings to be known to me. It's empowering for you to initiate an uncomfortable conversation and address negative feelings about therapy. 


Be prepared to work hard and feel uncomfortable. If you've already made a vital and possibly life alerting decision to have some therapy, give yourself the opportunity to see your relationships and circumstances in a more honest light.  

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