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Celebrating International Women's Day - Embracing Balance

This International Women's Day, it feels necessary to acknowledge the journey and struggles of women, especially in maintaining a balance between their professional and personal lives.

It's a day to recognise the effort it takes to excel in careers while also nurturing personal relationships and practicing self-love.

Lottie Passell-Syms


In the business world, women strive to be seen as competent and respected professionals, a goal many have successfully achieved. They understand the importance of hard work and dedication but also recognise the need to set boundaries to ensure their well-being is not compromised.

Beyond professional life, my wish for women is to prioritise intimacy, engage in positive self-talk, and cultivate self-love as essential aspects of their overall fulfilment.

It's important for women to find activities that promote personal growth, nurture meaningful relationships, and embrace their sexuality with confidence. This includes understanding the balance between being perceived as strong and allowing oneself to show vulnerability, which is a balance I personally strive to achieve.

Achieving a harmonious balance between work, intimacy, self-love, and including sexual energy is crucial for women today. Recognising the power of sexual energy and harnessing it can enhance performance in the workplace by fuelling creativity, confidence, and drive.

Women demonstrate their commitment to a balanced and fulfilling life by valuing both their professional success and personal happiness. Success in the workplace and personal fulfilment are not mutually exclusive but are integrated to lead to holistic fulfilment and empowerment.

Women don't need to adopt aggression to assert their power in work and life. True power comes from self-esteem, real confidence, and believing in one's worth. By re-evaluating boundaries that align with personal values, women can maintain their integrity and space.

Happy International Women's Day. Make this day a celebration of your achievements, growth, and the unique space you hold in the world.

Love, Lottie

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