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Twelve Days of Intimacy

Christmas can be a time of running around, pleasing others and getting stressed.

STOP! I challenge you to participate in the 12 Days of Christmas Intimacy

Give your partner the gift of time, attention, playfulness and affection. 

The energy that you will experience by using your sexual energy will increase your ability to deal with the Christmas dash!!!!

(This is so simple to implement, so no excuses ..)


When and what are the Twelve Days of Intimacy?

Starting 13th December until 24th intentionally plan each day for 12 days. What you will initiate together and what you might add that is different and kinky for the tension to build.

Have you been good this year….???? 

13th December - Love languages 

Take the Gary Chapman Love Language Quiz. Find out what your own love language is and your partners and this will be the foundation of the 12 days of Christmas. 

14th December - Flirting

Flirting is a language in its self. Send a text that is suggestive and sexy, what you might do, but not just yet…

15th December -  Build up the Passion 

Kisses every day, each kiss will become more passionate so start slow, no tongues yet. 

16th December - Show Significance 

Do something that shows your partner they are significant. Say something that makes them feel important. What do you appreciate about them.

17th December - Name Your Intimacy

Name one thing each, what does intimacy mean to you. Is it the warmth of consistent connection? A welcome hug when you get home? intimacy is truly the way for more affection, touch and sex.

18th December - Sweet Nothings

Tell each other what you find attractive and what turns you on.

19th December - Check In

Be deliberate about your daily connection - ask how are you? Not work, their boss, the kids etc. How are YOU?

20th December - Love Letter

Post something for your love that they receive. It could be a card, a message, a letter. The goal is for it to be a surprise. (Get going on this one)

21st December - Touch

Time to ramp up the connection. We have flirted, communicated, shown shared appreciation, and kissed. Time to step up. Give your partner a non-genital massage. 

22nd December - Set the Scene

Start setting the scene - scented candles get the senses dancing, pick the music you both enjoy, get sexy, mindfulness, plan the closeness.

23rd December - Help Each Other

Share the chores - having all the responsibility on one person makes sex less sexy - plan the festive season so you can make time for each other. 

24th December - Connect 

Christmas Eve - acknowledge each other and the work you have already put in for each other - allow for the festive time to be full on and expectation of others to not take over - stay connected - stay sexy - share the text you sent 14th December talk about it share your experiences of it…

Merry Christmas!

Lottie x 

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